If you are looking to buy a gift for someone and are not sure what gemstone to purchase, you may want to consult the chart below  to get you started.......

January          garnet

february          Amethyst

March             Aquamarine and Bloodstone

April                Diamond

May                Emerald

June                Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite

July                 Ruby

August            Peridot and Sardonyx

September     Sapphire

October          Opal and  Tourmaline

November       Topaz and Citrine

December       Turquoise, Blue Zircon and Tanzanite


If you prefer to go by the zodiac signs, then you may want to consult this zodiac chart below.....


Aquarius           Sapphire

Pisces              Amethyst

Aries                 Ruby

Taurus             Golden Topaz

Gemini             Citrine

Cancer            Moonstone

Leo                  Garnet

Virgo                Emerald

Libra                Peridot

Scorpio            Aquamarine

Sagittarius       Garnet

Capricorn        Green Tourmaline

If you are looking for a gemstone gift for wedding anniversaries, then the chart below may help guide you.......

1st                 Gold

2nd                Red Garnet

3rd                Jade and Pearl

4th                Blue Zircon, Topaz and Amethyst

5th                Pink Tourmaline and Sapphire

6th                     Turquoise and Amethyst

7th                 Onyx

8th                       Tanzanite and Tourmaline
9th                  Amethyst, Lapis and Tiger’s Eye

10th                 Diamonds

11th                 Citrine and Turquoise

12th                 Opal and Jade

13th                  Moonstone and Citrine

14th                  Agate and Opal

15th                         Rhodolite Garnet and Ruby

16th                   Red Spinel, Peridot and Aquamarine

17th                    Carnelian 

18th                    Aquamarine and Opal
19th                    Garnet, Topaz and Aquamarine

20th                    Yellow Diamond and Emerald

25th                     Silver Jubilee Tsavorite Garnet

30th                     Pearl 

35th                            Emerald and Coral

40th                      Ruby

45th                      Cat’s Eye Alexandrite and Sapphire

50th                      Golden Jubilee Imperial Topaz

55th                      Alexandrite and Emerald

60th                      Diamond Jubilee