Welcome to our Online Store!

Welcome to our Online Store!

Finally, after a very long time (years and years and years) we have a website for you to be able to see what products we carry, what products we can customize for you, what products you can purchase online and what other beautiful pieces of jewellery we will be bringing to you as time goes by.

As many of you know, I no longer have a brick and mortar store at Complexe Southwest One.  We had an unfortunate incident that required me to close the store but it has not stopped me from doing what I enjoy doing!  I am still working in the jewellery business but in a different way.  I now have a website ( which is always going to be work in progress so please feel free to email me at nimet@elysee.ca if there is something you think I should add or change or fix or if something is not working like it should!) I am normally better in  person with people  and this is new for me so bear with me and I am determined to be as good online as I was in the store.  I also have an office where I could meet you for your customized jewelry needs and I am still always available on appointment. 

Everything remains the same - the ownership, the craftsmanship, the product range, the prices and the exclusive service that you have been accustomed  to - I am always available to make you that special piece of jewellery that you dream of.  I continue to purchase my gemstones that are priced reasonably without compromising the quality or the integrity.  I work with the same goldsmiths that I have been working who have produced exclusive pieces for you.  So you need not worry about anything. 

At the moment, I have put in a small part of my inventory online but as time goes and my confidence grows, you will see the website growing with it.  At least that is my hope and my dream.  Should you not see something you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will be able to find it for you.  Same, as I did it when I was in the store.

I remain your custom jeweller.......always at your service.

Please visit my contact page and leave me your email address and phone number where I can reach you.  My work phone number remains the same as always at  514 694 5005.

Thank You for stopping by and keep in touch.

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